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I can't wait for school to be over. ^^' This year has been a very eventful one. I have some requests for drawings that summer will give me the opportunity to do. ^^' Anyway, I hope y'all are having a great life. Stay strong and positive!
Hearts for Hope!

Step 1: Make an origami heart. (I will put links to websites and places to find out how to make origami hearts if you don't already know how to)
Step 2: Write an encouraging message somewhere on it. If you decide to write the message inside of the heart I advise that you write "Open me" or something similar on the front of your heart.
Step 3: Put the heart(s) in a pocket or purse, be careful not to destroy the heart.
Step 4: Go outside where there are people and if you see someone who is upset give them a paper heart.

Giving someone a little paper heart might make a huge difference in their life. It take courage when you do it to a stranger, but you might just save a life by showing a stranger that you care. Please spread this movement. Adults and teenagers can get involved. Take a chance and give a heart for hope.
Hearts for Hope
I have been going through a tough time recently. This opened my eyes more to all the pain and sadness that surrounds me. Everyone has their own troubles and wants to be cared about. I came up with this idea to try and help people who are going through tough times as well. Please help me spread this and make a difference.

how to make origami hearts:……
The Tale of the Siren by xxuracuttiepiexx
The Tale of the Siren
Once upon a time ago in a little town on a hill by the sea there lived a Fisherman. Every morning, as the Fisherman would head for the docks he'd see a beautiful girl getting ready to open her shop. What he didn't know was that the girl would notice him too. Eventually, egged on by his friends, the Fisherman asked the beautiful girl out. The girl said yes and their love blossomed into a beautiful flower. Not too long after that they got married and had a baby boy.
Five years later, the Fisherman's son, Nate, adored his father. Every morning Nate and his mother would walk the Fisherman to the docks and see him off for the day. Neither of them expected the day he wouldn't come back. On this very day Nate's life changed forever. This was the day that the Fisherman finally agreed to take Nate with him on his boat.
It was an extremely foggy day when Nate was finally allowed to go fishing with his father. There was four other men with them. Nate was too young and innocent to be affected by a siren's song. When his father and the other men started jumping from the boat he didn't understand. He yelled and screamed over the beautiful voice that was singing, trying to get his father to come back to the boat, but it was too late. His father had swum out too far and disappeared under the water after a while, pulled down by the power of a siren. Nate didn't know how to swim but he jumped out of the boat anyway to try and get his father, but it was too late. The little girl siren who had been singing noticed Nate drowning and chose to save him. He looked to be around her age,too young to die, so just as he passed out she grabbed him and got him in the boat. Then she pushed the boat to the shore, not knowing that Nate had seen her and her amber eyes would burn in his memory forever.
As he grew older, Nate became a handsome young man. He had made a point of learning how to swim and vowed revenge on the monster responsible for his father's death. Everyday, he went to the beach and watched the waves roll in and out, in and out, until the sun would set making the sky light up with pinks and oranges and yellows. Every time he did this he'd remember his father and how kind he was.
One day when Nate came to the beach to watch the sun set he saw a beautiful girl sitting on a rock the stuck just out of the water a little ways from the shore. As he got closer, Nate could see the light flicker off of her scaled black tail. He tried to quietly approach her but the slip of one rock alerted her to his presence. Her hair went down to her lower back and was dark brown, light brown and blonde with a red shine to it. He had never seen someone with hair that had so many natural colors in it. She turned and starred at him, her Amber eyes wide with fear.... Amber eyes.... She was the one Nate was looking for. He couldn't let her get away.
Slowly approaching her he forced himself to be friendly, telling her he wouldn't harm her and he just wanted to talk. The monster believed him and slowly fell into his trap. He wanted her to hurt emotionally, so he took his time. He didn't want to hurt her right away, he had to plan this out. It had to be perfect.
For months he would go to the beach and see the monster and talk to it. The monster was beautiful and Nate found out that her name was Lily. Lilies were the flowers his father would get his mother all the time. Thus only served to infuriate him more, as if everything she did was out of malice. Nate could see that the monster was fond of him. There was a kind of light to her eyes that he could see every time he saw him.
One day, Nate went swimming with Lily. She was so happy and excited. The person she loved was with her in the place she loved(the sea). Lily swam around him and the popped up out of the sea, really close to him. Her cheeks turned Crimson as she starred into his eyes. This human boy who she had saved long ago... This human boy who's life costed her her home with the other sirens. His blue eyes seemed so deep and dark and lost. Lily had never liked killing fishermen and sailors like the other sirens. She was glad she had to leave. She was glad she met Nate. He smiled at her in a way he hadn't before, like he was going to let go of something that had been burdening him for a while. Nate leaned in close to her as though to kiss her and her heart raced in her chest. Her heart stopped dead in its tracks when she felt the cold of his blade on her neck as he cut her hair with it, her hair.... The thing that defined a siren. He knew this. Her heart broke as she looked in his eyes and felt his blade again, this time it was against her chest. "I hate you, you monster" he yelled at her as she cried and he cut deep across her chest to her shoulder. "I love you" she whispered with her last breath.
Nate watched the monster sink to the bottom of the sea, leaving a trail of blood behind her. Something broke inside of him and he realized that he had fallen in love with this....beautiful monster....horrible savior....innocent girl. His anger had overpowered the love he had felt. His anger had killed this beautiful creature. And he knew in that moment that he could never love again.
Hey guys. I have been...doodling A LOT. But I haven't been getting on as much. ^^' I've been super busy, still am. I just wanted to say you all are lovely people ^^ Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
142 deviations
Take me away.
Anywhere but here.
I want to leave today.
They can't keep me near.

Tears stream down.
I hold them back.
With a smile I hide a frown.
A real smile I lack.

Where is love in this hell?
We all just want love.
But pain is the stories we tell.
As we plead to the heavens above.

All I do is fail.
All I feel is pain.
Life is my jail.
Can I stand through this rain?
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i like exercising, and i dislike cockroaches. i get nervous in front of crowds and i am a very calm person. sometimes though i can be really energetic and crazy. I usually write sad or "romantic"stuff, but sometimes i venture out of my comfort zone and try something new.

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